About (ENG)

春日貴章 / Takaaki Kasuga

Assistant Professor at Nogi Lab, Osaka University, Japan

Research interest:

Biodegradable sensor, Paper electronics, Remote sensing, Cellulose nanofiber

Research and development experiences:

2017- Paper electronics, Degradable sensing device
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2013-2017 Image processing (Augmented reality), Radiation simulation (PHITS)
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2015 Embedded Software
At Cosylab d.d. : https://www.cosylab.com/
Supported by Vulcanus program:

2011-2012 Electronics, Robotics, Image processing
Field painter: https://www.ipa.go.jp/jinzai/mitou/2011/2011_1/gaiyou/g-2.html
Nur-imagio: https://www.ricoh.co.jp/software/tamago/parapara/


2019 Apr – 2022 Mar Doctor course, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, Graduate school of engineering, Osaka University
2017 Apr – 2019 Mar Master course, Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems,
Graduate school of engineering, Osaka University
2014 Apr – 2017 Mar Bachelor of Engineering, National Collage of Technology, Kagawa College


Email: tkasuga[at]eco.sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp